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Meet Our Lakewood Therapists!

Tiffany is a skilled leader of our team after graduating with her Associates Degree in Massage Therapy from Heritage College in 2005.

She has been practicing massage while growing her family of 7 and exploring career opportunities in traditional healthcare. All the while discovering that her career path and passion lead her back to massage. Tiffany believes that massage is a natural way to heal a person’s whole being, mind, body, and spirit, and is complimentary to a person’s overall health. This healing should be available to everyone! She is skilled in Swedish Massage, painless Deep Tissue, Sports, Pre and Post Natal, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Cranialsacral, Gua-Sha, and MET (muscle energy technique). She is passionate about keeping clients involved in their massage by incorporating stretches and obtaining feedback. Tiffany is currently seeking to obtain her board certification and is looking forward to future education in Lymphatic care and Injury Massage as well as expanding her education to include a Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She is proud to call Green Leaf Massage Center her home!

Elizabeth graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2013.

A skilled therapist, her passion for helping others through the healing arts started with raising her family of 10! She believes in healing and recuperative benefits of massage and uses her expertise in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Structural, Swedish, Reflexology, Sports, Prenatal, and Gua-Sha as well as various other modalities and energy techniques to tailor session goals. Elizabeth views the client as integral to developing these goals and is honored to serve as a partner in client wellness. A firm believer in continuing education, she helps to educate clients regarding their own wellness and seeks to further her own knowledge and skill in massage on a continuing basis. Elizabeth enjoys being part of Green Leaf Massage Center team!

Christian graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2015.

She has a passion for learning and is always looking to build new skills. Christian enjoys many modalities in relaxation and healing, including Swedish, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Injury Massage, and Prenatal. She strives to promote wellness of being and compassion to each client through the healing touch of Massage Therapy. Christian also holds an Associate’s Degree from the Colorado Film School and is an active member of the Colorado film community.

Jeremy joins our team as an integrative massage therapist, specializing in Deep Tissue and Injury Recovery Techniques.

His style is unique with a minor influence of Esalen and Cranialsacral Techniques. His major influence is with Myofascial, Swedish, Sports Massage, Prenatal, and Neuromuscular Techniques. He has developed and refined some of his own techniques over the years, such as Compressive Myofascial Release (scaling) and Subscapular Release. These both frequently yield significant relief in clientele with acute issues, and is most commonly requested! Jeremy has great knowledge of deep muscular anatomy, and most of the time, he will focus on such areas. His work is wonderfully suited for clients who prefer releasing chronically-ischemic tissues, such as consistent tension or scar tissue. It compliments Chiropractic adjustments and other whole body wellness modalities.

Amanda is a graduate of the Denver School of Massage Therapy.

She graduated with her Certification in Therapeutic Massage in 2014. Amanda found her passion for massage in several modalities after working in a Chiropractic setting which included, Deep Tissue, Injury Recovery, and Trigger Point Therapy. She is also trained in Sports and Swedish techniques and is certified in Prenatal Massage. Amanda has experience with Aromatherapy and loves continuously gaining knowledge from clients! She plans to continue to grow with us and expand her education in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

Crystal  is a welcome addition to our team!

She graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2010 and has been practicing massage while growing her family of 5. She believes in healing one body at a time and helping as many people as she can. Crystal’s main focus has been Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage, and Prenatal. She is excited to begin a career here at Green Leaf Massage Center!

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